Have you see the perfect yarn and there's not enough to make the jumper, cardi, blanket or sweater, you want? Please contact us about our Dyed Just for You range.

There are a growing number of farmers who are taking control of their wool clip. There is the beginnings of wool being produced, scoured,carded and spun in Australia. There has been collaborations with mills in New Zealand which has allowed farmers to produce single source wool. These wools' have not been through as much processing, thus retain the many qualities that has made wool so popular. This means these wools can be used by felter and well as all other fibre arts.  

Bellevue Park

This 100% wool is a single source, bought directly from the grower.

Coming from the highest quality sheep, Bellevue Park’s wool is grown for its warmth, lustrous yet gentle feel, minimal irritation and maximum comfort. A pure wool product, the elasticity of the fibre gives the final article more give, more drape and the lasting ability to retain its shape.

Gently wash in cool water, rinse and dry flat in the shade.

Some dye may bleed when first washed.

Alternating skeins may reduce unplanned flashing or pooling.


Millpost Merino

On the east escarpment of Lake George, in the Southern Highland off New South Wales, Is the Millpost Merino. They produce Superfine Merino wool from Saxon Poll Merino sheep. There last clip was processed here in Australia, and spun in New Zealand. Since 1979 the family adopted Permaculture principles and practices on the farm. Since doing so, there has been a dramatic return of Murnong (Yam Daisy), which is indigenous plant to the area. 

The extent of their love of the land has seen them plant hundreds of tree, which has added to wildlife corridors and to allow the soil to regenerate from being cleared of many trees.

8 ply or DK Yarn Weight: 225 metres per 100g.  Tension 24 stitches on 4mm needle

4 Ply or fingering Yarn Weight: 325m per 100g.  Tension 28 stitches on 3.25mm needle


Australian Superwash 100% wool

Most of Australian wool is sent overseas for processing. Lower production cost allow for good quality to be available to all wool lovers. 

8ply or DK weight skeins of Superwash 100% wool is 180 metres or 195 oz per 100g or 3.5oz

4ply, or fingering weight skeins of superwash 100% wool is 380 metres or 415 yards per 100g or 3.5oz


Ooo La La Sparkle 

This 8ply or DK weight base is so much fun. For those that enjoy some sparkle in the lives. This blend is 60% Australian superwash wool, 10% alpaca 26% nylon 4% metallic. there's 200 metres in each 100g skein.